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Special Treats and Discounts

What Sets Us Apart

We Care About Our Drivers

A Plus Handling LLC is your partner in freight dispatching, making sure you have a pleasant and seamless transport experience. We understand that drivers are an important part of the team and strive to show our appreciation with our weekly $20 Cash App incentive. Treat yourself to lunch, dinner, snacks, drinks and more - whatever it is you need to stay efficient on the road.

Don't Miss Out! Take Advantage of this Unbeatable Deal

We offer a great deal for freight dispatching: 8% commission for each truck. Plus, if you help us grow our business by advertising and getting new owner operators and businesses to join our team, we'll take an additional 1% off your commission for each new person that joins each week, up to a maximum of 2 new people a week. This is a great way for you to earn additional savings while also helping our business grow. Let's work together to make this a win-win situation

Unlock More Savings with A Plus Handling LLC - New Deals Ahead

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